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Vineyard Themed Engagement {Hopland, CA.} Portrait & Wedding Photography | Marin, Napa, Sonoma County Photographer...Shelley Hohe

It still seems like yesterday I met Zidanelia (the bride to be) for the first time in a cute little coffee shop in a lovely town called Cloverdale (Northern CA.)  Meeting with her and hearing her story of how her and her fiance met was so exciting.   Being able to hear how two people meet and fall in love brings me so much joy.  No wonder I have such a passion for wanting to photograph and capture engagements and weddings.

After talking to my bride I found out that her and her fiance grew up over 1000 miles apart.  She is from Argentina and he is from Mexico.  She also told me that her mother was born in the same town where her fiance is from.   After moving from Argentina to Northern California Zidanelia would drive over 2 hours every weekend to meet with of these weekends is when she met Ariel (her groom to be).    I also found out that Zidanelia makes wine at a local vineyard, it is such a big part of their life that she knew she wanted to have their wedding photos taken at the winery that she works at.  The only problem was that it was 30 minutes away from where the wedding and reception would take place.  An hour of driving plus taking the pictures on their wedding day would take so much time away from what matters most to them which is spending time with their loved ones.  That is when we all decided to do their engagement photos here instead.

The winery she works at has such stunning views everywhere you look!  I knew right way I wanted to be able to create a picnic theme right in the middle of the beautiful vineyard.  As much as Zidanelia  loves wine, Ariel loves soccer just as much.  As a matter of fact it was at a soccer game where they met for the very first time.  I knew I just had to incorporate a soccer ball in these photos somehow, someway!   What a better way than to have it right there at this themed picnic session.  My husband thought what a fun idea it would be to get shirts made up that says "I Love Soccer" for her to wear and "I Love Wine" for him.  We all know that when two people love one another especially as much as these two do.  You also love what they love too!

It has been such a blessing getting to know this sweet and beautiful couple over the last few months.  My husband and I look forward to next month when we will get to photograph their wedding day!!

Look at that ring!

This is one of my favorites...beautiful vineyard, gorgeous couple!

Don't you just love the shirts...I Love Soccer, I love Wine!

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