Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Harvest Christian School Auction/Dinner {Events} Marin, Napa and Sonoma County Photographer...Shelley Hohe

It was just a month ago I had the honor of witnessing some very talented men and women throughout the Petaluma community come together to decorate for this amazing event.  This is Harvest Christian School's annual auction and dinner where all proceeds go towards their educational programs.  I was amazed at how hard people worked at planning and putting together this event.  There were so many wonderful items that were donated from different businesses in the community.  This year I was not able to attend the event but I had the honor of donating a photography session and capturing the beautiful outcome of the hard work everyone put in to make this one amazing night!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

For my Mom {Happy Mothers Day} by.....Shelley Hohe

Happy Mothers day to my mom who has done so much for me in my life!  How do I begin to be able to show her how much I love and appreciate her!  She is the one who raised me, the one who rubbed my back when I was sick, held my hand when I was scared, comforted me when I was sad, encouraged me to be my best and loved me no matter what.

My mom is the most loving, compassionate, patient, understanding, giving and selfless woman I know.  I am not just saying this because she is my mom, this is just who she is!  I remember when I was pregnant with our twins it was Mothers Day and her birthday within a week from each other, due to the fact I was on bed rest I felt so bad that I wasn't able to get out to find her a gift that she so well deserved.  All I could do was get creative by gathering things I already had laying around the house.....a pretty jar, colorful note paper and some ribbon to decorate.  I decided to make her a memory jar by writing down special memories I had of my beautiful mother growing up through the years.  I had so many wonderful memories that I could have sat there writing for days, weeks and months stuffing folded up pieces of colorful paper in that jar.  Back then I thought this wasn't enough, I felt so bad that I couldn't get out and  purchase a special gift for my mom.  Now 12 years later, I am so glad I made her that memory jar because to this day she tells me that every once in a while she'll go grab a piece of paper out of that jar and be reminded of a special memory I wrote down.  I couldn't have put this memory jar together without her and everything she has done for me in my life!

This Mothers Day is extra special to me, especially for the fact this will be the first Mothers Day in the last 10 years that we get to spend together.  It has been so nice living close to my mom again.  Living in Oregon was always hard during the holidays, especially Mothers Day.  Now that we are back in California, I look forward to spending many Mothers Days with my Mom celebrating the most amazing woman I know....my mom....my friend!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!  I love you so very much!!
I am so blessed to have you as my Mom and I thank God for you!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursdays Thanksgiving {Locks of Love} Marin, Napa, Sonoma County Photographer...Shelley Hohe

Today I am thinking of how thankful to God I am for our children and their health.  It always saddens me when I hear about anyone who is suffering because of some disease like cancer, especially when I hear of a child who is battling with it.  Cancer is a serious disease to where we are all hoping and praying that a cure will be found.

In the meantime there is a wonderful community out there full of support from St. Jude, American Cancer Society, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Lalya Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation even Locks of Love.  Even with all the support out there , I can't even fathom the thought of having a child go through this.   That is why I am so thankful, blessed and moved by our daughter wanting to donate her hair last November!

Out daughter Katelyn decided over 3 years ago that she wanted to grow her hair out just so she can get it cut and donate it to provide hair for a little girl who might have lost all of hers due to treatments.  It all started when we used to watch Extreme Home Makeover and Katelyn was always so touched and grateful that after every episode seeing a child sick with cancer, she would express how she wished she could help out in some way.  Then we watched a movie called "Letters to God" which is a heartfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemption for a young boy who is fighting cancer. It was at that point she told me she wanted to donate her hair.  Every time we used to get her haircut she would always be so close to the length it needed to be to donate until the last time which was in November, all because she made it her goal to do this.

Today I am not only thankful for our healthy children, but I am thankful for the supportive community out there doing all they can to fight his terrible disease.  If it weren't for these foundations, Extreme Home Makeover or movies who share about what is going on, our daughter might have not known the impact this disease has on kids like her.  I am just so thankful that we as a family do know and that even if it's just our daughter donating her hair, (who I believe has such a loving, compassionate heart that is filled with Jesus)  it's a start and it's giving something to someone in need!

Below is Katelyn getting her hair cut and to make this even more special, we were so blessed to have her Aunt Debbie cut her hair.  BTW she is AMAZING with hair and you can find her at Avante Hair Salon in San Rafael!

Our beautiful loving and compassionate daughter....Katelyn

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