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Who new that my weekly shopping trip to Costco would spark an idea for a blog post.  Well let me tell did!

Usually I am always in a hurry so when I do go to Costco I get in, get the items I need and get out!  Every once in a while I will actually take my time to stroll up and down the aisles.  One of my favorite sections in Costco is the book section.  I love seeing all the new books that come in and being that it's Costco you know they are only carrying the most talked about books on the market.

While I was looking at some books that sparked my interest, another women and I started having a conversation about one book in general.  The conversation started out being about the book, the author and what the author wanted to share.  After almost an hour of talking I realized this book, this product brought two people together in an engaged conversation about kids and family.  I love it when situations like this happen.

This made me think about my business and how I would like others to come together over a product I offer.  That is why it's so important to me as a business owner to deliver a product worth talking about.  It goes beyond just taking pictures, it's the way I deliver the images to my clients.  Whether my clients want to orders prints or just want digital files, I always want to make sure I am putting out my very best.    If I am giving my clients photos or an album of their session I always make sure to use my boutique packaging to make my clients feel like they are getting something special.  Of course I always recommend that your order photos because your photos come to life when they are enlarged and framed on your wall or in a nice album on your coffee table.  Although some clients still would like to have digital files.  Until now I would give my clients a DVD for them to take home and view on their own computer.   If they wanted to download them they could, from there if they wanted to share them they could upload to which ever sites they wanted to share on and if they wanted to order photos they would either have to contact me and tell me which ones they liked or take the DVD to a lab to get their photos printed.   Do you think this sounds good???  Well if you say yes, I have something even better to offer. I will no longer be offering DVD's, instead I will be offering PASS.

What's PASS???  With PASS  you receive  your very own personal gallery with all your images in which you can share on Facebook or email with a click of a button.  You can view this gallery from your computer, tablet or smart phone.  You can also download photos right to your computer and order photos directly from this gallery.  The best is your photos are safe and secure.  Much better than receiving a DVD wouldn't you say!  I am so excited for when the time comes to deliver my very first PASS and I hope my clients will be just as excited as I am.

Here is a little video that tells you more about it..

PASS - A new way to share your photos from Showit on Vimeo.

Of course I have to share a few iPhone photos of the books that caught my attention...
 Jesus Calling/Jesus today ...a great little devotional and The Best of Me,
a new book from Nicholas Sparks.  I love his books especially the Notebook!

Wheat Belly shares the benefits of eliminating wheat from your Diet
and the book that was worth talking about....
Look Me in the Eye...the author of this book shares about his Life with Aspergers.

My husband and I actually have read some of this book due to the fact our son has Aspergers and when I saw another customer looking at this book I told her a little about it.  She shared with me that she works with kids that have Autism and Aspergers.  We ended up talking for so long that we were sharing personal stories about our own children to one another.  I love how something as simple as a book brought two people together in an engaging conversation....why???
Because this book was "WORTH TALKING ABOUT"!

When ordering products through Shelley Dee Photography 
they will be delivered in my boutique packaging because 
I want the service and products I offer to be an experience worth talking about!!!

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