Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Novato Scenic Drive {Locations} Portrait & Wedding Photography | Marin, Napa, Sonoma County Photographer...Shelley Hohe

The other day my husband and I went out just the two us.  We promised one another that we would not bring work on our day together.  Which means no cell phone for my husband and no camera for me.  You see anytime I am accompanied by my camera I always find a reason to to take pictures and a ton of them.  After spending the day together we decided to drive home the scenic route from Novato to Cotati.  Even though I didn't bring my camera, I still had my iphone and Instagram.  We pulled over at least 4 times so my husband could let me out to take some pictures.  After being married to me for 15 years you think he would know better than to take the scenic route with me...LOL!  We did take a little detour and stopped in one of our favorite little places...Occidental.  There is a place called the Union Hotel Restaurant and they have the most amazing and authentic italian food.  We have only been there a few times, but when we do go you feel like family!  This place has been open for so long that coming here has become a tradition in some families.  This place will definitely become a tradition for us as well!!

I know these photos are not taken with my dslr, but I must say I sure do have fun taking pictures with my phone using Instagram :)

On our way to Occidental we passed this adorable house in Valley Ford.  
I felt funny getting out of the vehicle to take a picture of someones house.  After we passed it I pleaded with my husband to turn around so I can take a picture of it with the window down as we drove by.

Click on the link above to view their website.  
I love the atmosphere is very historic and authentic!
The day the we decided to stop by they had their separate dining area nicely decorated for a wedding reception.  They let us sneak in to take a peak.  I sure would love to be able to capture someones wedding at this wonderful place with my camera!!

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