Monday, July 11, 2011

Project Runway Birthday Party ~ Event Photography {Northern SF Bay Area Photographer...Shelley Hohe}

It has been a while since i have blogged, it has been a busy year with so many changes......moving, new job for my husband and our children in public school for the first time in 5 years. With that being said i wanted to to something extra special for our boy/girl twins for their birthday. You see with our kids being twins they have always had co-ed birthday parties since they shared the same friends from church, but with them being in different classes they had their own little group of friends they have made over the year. They really wanted their own party with their own friends.

This is where it gets exciting for me. With having boy/girl twins i always did the basic primary color happy birthday with balloons decor....started to get a little boring for me, especially having a background in party planning and decorating as a career. Well not this year! I had the chance to plan a "girl" and a "boy" party. I asked our kids what they wanted and my daughter knew right away she wanted something to do with fashion so we decided to do a "Project Runway Birthday Party" with her favorite colors pink and black. Not only did i have a blast planning and decorating but i was also able to incorporate my photography as one of the main events of this party. I set up my backdrop to resemble a runway where each girl had the chance to have her very own photoshoot. All the girls were so excited and had a blast.

As far as our son he wanted a "Pirate Party in the Park" didn't get any good photos :( with it being so windy my hands were used for holding things down on the was definitely a memorable party!! With all this being said i have decided i would love to start offering party planning which will incorporate my photography services as part of the party itself.

If you are interested in having me plan, decorate or just come and take photos of your upcoming party or event please contact me. It would be an honor to be a part of your next party or event!

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  2. Truly entire party was amazing. I am in love with these table decorations. Glad that all the girls had a wonderful time in this party. My niece will turn 16 soon and we are planning to host a fun party at local party venues in San Francisco. Hope it will be equally rocking.

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