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Self Portraits {Capturing the Women Within} Portrait & Wedding Photography | Marin, Napa, Sonoma County Photographer...Shelley Hohe

A self portrait can be so intimidating and I know for myself I am not comfortable being on the other side of the camera.  As a business owner, mom and wife, I know the importance of having a portrait.  Especially with my business I want my clients to see who Shelley of Shelley Dee Photography is.  This video from the very gifted photographer MeRa Koh is great for those who may be feeling the same way I am.   Whether you are a business owner, wife or mom, you are unique and play a very important role in others lives.  This is why it's so important to have a self portrait and be captured right where you are at in this very season you are in.  That way you will end up with a beautiful photo for your clients to see who you are, for your children to see what their mom looked like when they were younger or for your husband to have that special photo sitting on his desk as he is away at work all day.  So ladies whether you set up a camera and take a picture of yourself or hire a photographer to come take your photo, remember how important a photo of YOU can be!!

Video by MeRa Koh...

Simple tips for a flattering photo...

1. I know it may feel uncomfortable but one way for a flattering photo is to stick your chin out, by doing this it will hide your double chin and make your neck line look slender.

2. Angle yourself when leaning into the camera, never stand or sit directly facing the camera.

3.  Have your photographer stand above you pointing the camera down towards you when taking your picture.  This will make your head look bigger giving you the optical illusion of a smaller body....we all know us women want this!

4. Dress in sleek and simple clothes. I always suggest solid colors with a nice chunky necklace or scarf.

5.  If you want to go for more of a glamour look go out and get your hair and makeup professionally done.  What a treat this would be!  I can hook you up with the best hair stylists and makeup artists in Marin and Sonoma County.

Don't let your fear get in the way of a self portrait.  If this amazing photographer ...Captivating Photography in Roseburg Oregon can make me look good in this photo, you can too. I would love to be able to capture your beautiful women within.  Call me and we can chat about the details!

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