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Decorating Your Work Space {Mondays Must~Haves} Marin, Napa, Sonoma County Portrait & Wedding Photographer...Shelley Hohe

About a week ago I stumbled upon this amazing website called Olioboard which is an online site that you can decorate a room in 2D and 3D.  This is a must have for those that love to decorate and I must say that person is me.  If I wasn't a photographer, this might be something I would love to do as a career.   As a matter of fact during career week in high school I decided to work with an interior decorator and I shadowed everything she did from decorating spaces to staging model homes.  I had so much fun!

One room I have been slowly working on is my photography office/work space which will also double as a homeschool room.  We have a huge extra room downstairs that is just a homeschool and game room right now, but there is enough space for my office to be in there as well.  I just want the room to flow without dividing it because I am constantly in-between teaching our kids and working on my business.

So far I have purchased a complete organizational set  from The Container Store and a few decorating items from Homegoods, Michaels and some local antique stores.  I am in need of the bigger items such as a few desks and chairs for all of us.  Right now our kids do their studies at a table with all their supplies in a shelving unit.  I will be getting  rid of the table in the middle of the room so it will be more open and replacing it with desks along the wall for them instead.  As far as  my office space I want my desk away from the wall so I will be looking out into the room, keeping an eye on our kids :)

Here is my Olioboard I designed.  It's only the side of the room where my office space will be, but I love how I was able to envision what the space can look like with the pieces of furniture I have been wanting.

To the left of the green chairs is the other half of the room which will have a few 
desks lined against the wall with some book cases. I might even do something like this...

and here is my complete desk set I purchased from The Container Store...

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