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Photography Coaching Sessions {Now Available} Marin, Napa, Sonoma County Portrait & Wedding Photographer...Shelley Hohe

After moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area (where I grew up), I have had the wonderful opportunity of reconnecting with a friend I went to school with from elementary to high school.  Since moving back I have had the pleasure of photographing her family twice.  The first time I photographed her family she asked me if I have ever thought about teaching other moms or new photographers on how to use their cameras.  At first I thought I was not qualified to be able to teach others, but after really thinking about it  I thought why not.  I love to teach...I have been homeschooling and teaching our twins from kindergarten to junior high and I love photography!

I remember what it was like when I first became a mom and wanted to take a ton of photos of our kids or even more when I first became a photographer.  I didn't know anything about my big dslr camera, lighting or how to pose our kids or new clients.  Everything in the beginning was so intimidating...from all the buttons on my camera and all the photography terms, I didn't know where to begin.  I did take a few workshops which definitely helped me out but to be able to sit down with someone 1 on 1 and ask all sorts of questions about photography would be so helpful and less intimidating.

With all this being said I just taught my very first photography coaching session to my friend, who was the one who asked me in the very beginning if this is something I would start offering.   It went very well and she told me she is now understanding her camera's setting, lighting and posing.   Mission accomplished!

I will now be offering photography coaching sessions for moms and new photographers.
Each coaching session I will be going over camera settings such as Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Composition and how to capture the best photos using natural light.  There will also be time for questions, followed by lunch in which it will be my treat and ending with a photo session.  The photo session can be just for you, maybe you are needing some new profile photos for your business or if I am teaching a mom I can do a photo session with your children.

Each coaching session will be a total of 5 hours in which you can choose either a morning or afternoon session.
Here is a detailed timeline...
9am-12pm- Teaching and Questions (morning coaching session)
12pm-1pm- Lunch ~ My treat!  (This would include morning and afternoon coaching sessions)
1pm-2pm- Photo Session (This would be for both morning and afternoon coaching sessions)
2pm-5pm- Teaching and Questions (afternoon coaching session)

Coaching Sessions will be held 1 Monday a month.  Here are the dates...
August 12th - Morning/Afternoon
September 9th - Morning/Afternoon
October 7th- Morning/Afternoon
November 4th- Morning/Afternoon
December 2nd- Morning/Afternoon

Cost - $500 which includes coaching session, lunch,  photo session and digital files of photos taken.

Please contact me for more information or questions you may have here

Here are some photos I took of my friend.  This was around noon when the sun was very bright, so I taught my friend some tricks on how to still take photos even when the lighting is harsh.

Isn't my friend beautiful!  
I can't believe we are the same age....she looks the same as when we were in school.

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