Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Must-have's { Kelly Moore Bag } Marin, Sonoma, Napa County Photographer...Shelley Hohe

Monday's Must-have's  will be an on going post which I will do my absolute best to share about some of my favorite things that either help me in my business or my personal life.  Todays post I am featuring Kelly Moore Bag.  Kelly Moore Bag started out as Kelly Moore Photography (read to find out more about Kelly Moore) who is an amazing photographer who began another business designing camera bags of all different sizes, styles and colors for both women and men.  The reason these bags are "THE PERFECT" camera bag is because so much thought and detail went into each and every bag.  Being that Kelly is also a photographer she knew exactly what photographers wanted and needed in a bag.

In the last few years I received two Kelly Moore as a birthday gift and another as an anniversary gift.  The first one I received is called is called the B-Hobo Bag which is perfect to carry during a photo shoot or an all day event like a wedding.  It's not to big or bulky and has room for the items that are a must to carry on you at all an extra lens or two, a flash, extra batteries and memory cards.  The second one I received is called the JuJu Bag.  This bag is AWESOME!  It holds ALL of my camera gear, it is sturdy and very protective.  I love this bag because it is perfect for storing all your gear including an extra camera body.  I bring this bag everywhere and I call it my go to bag....because when going on a photo-shoot I can either grab what I need out of this or transfer the things I need to my smaller B-Hobo Bag.  With all of Kelly Moore Bags there are pockets everywhere which I love for storing my keys, iphone, lip gloss :) and business cards.  Each bag also has protective dividers inside and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying.

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My Kelly Moore Bags....
I just love how these match my business colors too!  

Kelly Moore Bags really are the BEST!  They are full of FUNCTION and full of FUN!  These bags really are a must-have for every photographer.  When you purchase one believe me you won't be disappointed!  Kelly Moore Bag has the best customer service ever, if you ever have a problem with a bag they are right on it to fix the problem.  Besides all this I love the lady behind all this...she is so inspiring and has such a big heart.  As a matter of fact she posted this video on her facebook page months ago about her family and her new daughter she adopted.  You will have to grab some kleenex because you won't be able to get through this video with out it.

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  1. they so don't look like camera bags! :)

  2. I love the bags! I'm hoping to be able to save up for one soon! :)

  3. I have the hobo and LOVE it! I have my eye on another one too!