Friday, March 12, 2010

Tour across the US: Salt Lake City ~ Personal {Oregon Photographer...Shelley Hohe}

Here are some photos taken of some beautiful churches in Salt Lake City, Utah. We really enjoyed SLC it is one of the cleanest metropolitan cities i have ever seen. There is so much to see there but we did not have too much time to look around. I am glad that we were able to see some beautiful architecture!

Our first part of our trip has been quite an adventure..... in Medford we ran into a snow storm, in Klamath Falls we had f15 fighter jets fly right over and around our car, our own personal air show. In Nevada we saw nothing but but donkeys in the middle of the road, our first overnight stop was in Salt lake City where we explored some amazing churches, Wyoming was not very exciting and made it difficult to play i-spy, we also had a hard time driving due to an ice storm so we ended up staying over in Cheyenne Wyoming. I was so tired last night that i thought we made it to Nebraska but we didn't due to the storm. So now we are a little behind schedule.

Not only is the cold, snowy weather slowing us down, but when mapping out our road trip i forgot to factor the time differences in. We feel like we are chasing time. Well at least on the way back we will get that extra time to d0 a little more exploring. We were wanting to stop in Kansas today to go to the Wizard of Oz Museum but due to the fact we are running behind schedule, we will have to stop there on the way back.

I thought i would have taken more pictures but with it being absolutely freezing it is making it hard to want to get out of the car ;) I used to think i preferred the cold over the heat, but this cold is chilling to the bone. Definitely not good for my sensitive skin, my lips are chapped and my skin is so dry. Thank God for good chapped stick and lotion! I will remember this the next time i complain about how hot it is in the summer.

Well my hubby just got out of the shower so it's time to wrap this up get our continental breakfast and hit the road. We are hoping to make it to Missouri by tonight, please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies. We would greatly appreciate it!!!!

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